Mattress Cleaning

Will cleaning my mattress reduce my allergies?

Cleaning your mattress won’t exclusively cure you from your allergies. However, it is a large part of reducing the severity and frequency of your allergies. A high percentage of people with allergies are allergic to the droppings of dust mites. When we clean your mattress with our system, we remove their food source and therefore reduce their droppings. This will GREATLY help allergy sufferer symptoms, but as always, we recommend that you also seek advice from your healthcare professional.

Do I have to be home while my mattress is being cleaned?

While we love meeting our customers face to face, our businesses massive success is built off of our trustworthy and honest reputation. Therefore it is not necessary that you be home while your mattress is cleaned because our trained and certified technicians are police checked, reliable and insured. If the job is out of the ordinary, we recommend that someone meet us onsite prior to cleaning to discuss any areas of concern you have with your flooring, and which cleaning package you would prefer.

Many clients feel at ease leaving us unattended while they are at work or running their daily errands. It is quite common for our clients to meet with us then leave when we’re ready to begin cleaning. Many of our clients choose to leave a key in a designated spot, or have a friend, relative or neighbor meet us. If questions arise we will call your contact number and discuss them with you. When we are finished, we can simply leave the key in a designated predetermined area and lock ourselves out.

How long after cleaning before we can use the bed again?

Depending on the level of soiling on your mattress and the process we use to clean and sanitise your mattress, it can be as quick as 10 minutes through to an hour (depending on pillow tops etc.)

Can you remove urine and organic staining from mattresses?

If a stain happens, the best thing that can do is NOT to apply any household products – as they can simply mask the stain and odour and inhibit the professional corrective measures we need to do. 
Generally, we can significantly reduce if not eliminate the stain area and completely remove any odour (and bacteria) associated with the stain. The result can be dependent on the age of the stain, material the mattress is made of and other factors.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel by booking?

We understand that plans change, and if you wish to cancel prior to receiving our appointment confirmation via SMS or email you are free to do so. If however we have allocated your appointment and confirmed via SMS or email, we will charge a cancellation fee of $ 65.00. You are more than welcome to reschedule once with being charged a cancellation fee providing it is more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Why can’t I just vacuum clean my own mattress?

There is nothing stopping you from doing this as well. However, sometimes it can make your symptoms worse by making the contaminates airborne and can trigger a negative allergenic response. Residential vacuums simply don’t have the suction, vibration and filtration power to remove the debris and impacted dead skin cells that our industrial cleaning units do.

Not only do our industrial mattress cleaning machines operate with HEPA filtration, they also operate at high frequency waves that agitate all the particles out of your mattress before extraction. At the same time this is happening, your mattress is being subjected to the disinfecting benefits that the on board UV-C light provides.

What guarantee does Beyond Clean Group provide?

To our team here at Beyond Clean Group, YOUR happiness is our number one priority. We stand behind all of our work. All work performed comes with a 7 Day satisfaction guarantee, giving you time to report any deficiencies to our customer support team. The area(s) of concern will be re-done at no charge until satisfaction has been met, or if we can’t fix the problem or satisfy your concern then we will refund your investment for that area(s)—YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

The Beyond Clean Group Service Guarantee:
• Your home or business will not only be cleaner, it will be safer —GUARANTEED.
• To have all of our staff highly trained to international standards —GUARANTEED.
• If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will make it right—GUARANTEED.
• If you aren’t happy, you don’t pay us—GUARANTEED.

• To do the job right, we invest in the highest quality, most powerful cleaning equipment and clean with only the safest products —GUARANTEED.

How often should I have my mattress cleaned?

On average, we all shed approximately 3.6 kilograms of dead skin each year. Because we spend 1/3 of our live in bed, most of that dead skin ends up in our bedding. Dust mites feed on this food source. So it is recommended to get your mattresses professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months.

How long will it take to clean my mattress?

A single mattress will take our professional technicians between 15-25 minutes for a single mattress, and up to 45 minutes for a King sized mattress.

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