Looking for a Carpet Repairing and Stretching Service on the Sunshine Coast?

You might still remember the experience of having freshly laid carpet in your home. The way it looked so perfect and new that you couldn’t really bear walking on it. The feel of the texture as you walked with bare feet over it in the early days and that smell of a nice, clean carpet.

We know that over their lifetime, your carpets are naturally going to get dirty, scuffed, and even delaminated (that’s when your carpet gets loose and wrinkled). But when this occurs you often don’t need to replace your entire carpet. Carpet repair is the smart way to save money while making your carpets look brand new without a full replacement.

Professional Carpet Repairing Service on the Sunshine Coast

The Problem: Does your carpet look less than perfect due to burns, damage from pets, stains, or snags? There’s usually no need to replace your entire carpet if only part of it has been damaged. An expert carpet repairer can solve the problem more efficiently by repairing just the damaged area.

The Solution: We specialize in repairing carpet so that the replaced portion blends seamlessly into the original carpet. And you’ll be pleased to discover that repairing carpet is much less expensive than replacing the entire thing and your restored carpet will look just like new.

Professional Carpet Stretching Service on the Sunshine Coast

The Problem: Wrinkles, ripples, and buckles in carpet are most often caused by one of three mishaps….

  1. When first installed the company may have failed to stretch the carpet correctly using a power stretcher
  2. The use of an incorrect or failed underlay could be creating the problem
  3. Excessive temperature, moisture and cleaning solvents could be the fault

Wrinkles and ripples can also be caused by a combination of the above but the good news is there are ways to solve any of these problems.

The Solution: By using our professional carpet stretching service to remove wrinkles or ripples you avoid having to replace your carpet for a few more years and save yourself some money.

We’re often the experts called out to fix the problem after a few other companies have tried. Our team of certified carpet repair technicians will extend the life of your carpet and remove unsightly winkles and ripples.

Why Choose Our Carpet Repairing & Stretching Service on the Sunshine Coast?

We have technicians who are experts at fixing carpet damage in residential, commercial and public buildings and spaces. We can make repairs to any type, make or age carpet that you may have. So depending on how badly your carpet is damaged or worn the odds are that our carpet repair service can help it look its best again.

Our services cover a wide range of specialties and include inspection, quotation, repair and restoration with a guarantee on our workmanship. In just a few hours our team of highly experienced carpet repair experts will have your carpets looking their best.

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