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Tiles, Natural Stone and other hard floor coverings have been enjoying a surge in popularity over the past few years. This is mainly due to the fact that they are thought to be easy to clean and maintain. But slowly over time, scratches, pits and microscopic pores begin to appear which attract and trap dirt and stains in places mops could never hope to reach.

Meanwhile your grout which was once bright and clean slowly begins to look dark, dirty and discoloured. Just ask yourself what colour is the mop water by the time you have finished cleaning the floor? That dirty coloured water is soaking in and staining your grout as you “clean” it.

But let’s face it… who really wants to spend valued personal time cleaning tiles and grout? How much is your time worth to you? And are conventional cleaning methods really the best solution compared to what the professionals can do?
Most people only notice the condition of their tile, stone and other hard surfaces when they become really stained and dirty. Unfortunately by that time layer upon layer of stains, bacteria, and mineral deposits have built-up into a mess that’s almost impossible to clean on your own.

Scrubbing with harsh cleaners can be ineffective, not to mention, time consuming and extremely labour intensive. The problem is that microscopic pores allow dirt and other contaminates to become trapped below the tile and grout’s surface. No amount of mopping (with either a wet mop or a steam mop) can keep tile and natural stone surfaces sparkling forever. Surely there must be a simpler way?

The Solution

Introducing the Tile and Grout Cleaning System from Beyond Clean Group. An intelligent choice that saves you time and effort yet provides you with the best result – every time!


  • Dramatic same day transformation
  • Restored at a fraction of replacement costs
  • Your floor will receive a “like new” appearance
  • Permanently removes grout stains and provides a maintainable, clean tile and grout surface

We specialise in cleaning and sealing tile, stone and grout for both residential and commercial premises. Our complete hard surface cleaning and restoration systems utilize safe non-toxic solutions that will restore soiled tile, concrete, natural stone and grout to like-new brilliance in a single service visit.

We use a high-pressure hot water system that renews the shine to not only floors, but showers and tubs, countertops and more. We target the built-up dirt and grime that is ground deep into grout lines that traditional cleaning methods simply don’t reach.

Each surface gets its own Specific Treatment

Every tile and natural stone must be treated in a specific fashion by a certain process. For instance you cannot clean marble tiles the same way you clean ceramic tiles. Why not invite us to bring the hard surfaces of your home back to life. Our friendly and expert technicians can successfully clean –

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Terra Cotta
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine

We not only provide the best tile and grout cleaning process available but we make sure that these services are provided by our trained and certified professionals – not a labourer or janitor. Our experts have the knowledge and commitment to evaluate your tile, natural stone and grout, identify your needs, and then select the proper products, tools, and equipment to deliver a result that far exceeds your expectations.

We all know the importance of clean tiles for visual appearance as well as health and safety for your home and business. As always our service is completely hassle-free. Let our crew take the job off of your hands (or knees) with our detailed process.

Have you considered sealing your grout?

Sealing the grout protects the surface from future soiling and stains. The grout lines are generally always below the surface of the tile and behave as "sinks" or "gullies" where soil and water can collect. Each mopping, while improving the appearance of the face of the tile, will simply move the dirt from the top of the tiles and deposit them into the porous grout lines thus soiling them.

Each time the floor is mopped (with either a wet or steam mop) the water used becomes more and more soiled. The soiled water is deposited in the grout lines where the absorbent, rough surface of the grout soaks it up and traps it in. This greatly impacts the visual appearance of the tiles held in place by the grout and also significantly compromises the health of the tiled surface.

The purpose of our Grout Sealer service is to prevent the grout from absorbing and holding the soil. Although soils will still be deposited in grouted areas this will be significantly easier to remove and provide you with the appearance that your floor tiles were just laid! Permanent stains or discolouration are often significantly reduced or avoided by choosing our Grout Sealing service after we clean your tile and/or natural stone during our next visit.

A grout sealer simply provides “reaction time”. This means a sufficient window of opportunity that will allow you to clean the surface after a spill before staining occurs. The better the sealer… the longer the reaction time. A premium sealer will stop contaminants from penetrating deep into the surface making the removal of stains a simple process in most cases.

At Beyond Clean Group we understand the importance of getting it right the first time. Get it wrong and the sealer may not only be ineffective but it may have to be stripped and the surface resealed.

Selection of the best and most appropriate sealer for every type of surface is therefore vital with a lot more than just the finished look to consider. Before selecting the sealer the surface identification and location must be taken into account. We will introduce you to the best possible sealing options available to satisfy your individual expectations as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements of these sealers and coatings.

Call us today and our cleaning professionals will come to your home or business to provide an obligation free inspection. During the inspection we will explain all of your options before providing a written estimate that includes every step of the proposed job.

At Beyond Clean Group we offer a wide range of services that will dramatically transform the appearance, market appeal and capital value of your property. We provide a single source service for the treatment and problems associated with Tiles, Grout, Natural Stone & Masonry Surfaces.

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