Upholstery Cleaning

How long will my upholstery take to dry?

The type of fabric, how soiled it was and the ambient temperature are the biggest determining factors on dry times. However, due to our powerful equipment and superior training, we can dry you upholstery quicker than most. In general, it should be generally dry between 2 to 4 hours. If we reapply a protector to your upholstery, this will also add to the dry time, however the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

What guarantee does Beyond Clean Group provide?

To our team here at Beyond Clean Group, YOUR happiness is our number one priority. We stand behind all of our work. All work performed comes with a 7 Day satisfaction guarantee, giving you time to report any deficiencies to our customer support team. The area(s) of concern will be re-done at no charge until satisfaction has been met, or if we can’t fix the problem or satisfy your concern then we will refund your investment for that area(s)—YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

The Beyond Clean Group Service Guarantee:
• Your home or business will not only be cleaner, it will be safer —GUARANTEED.
• To have all of our staff highly trained to international standards —GUARANTEED.
• If you aren’t completely satisfied, we will make it right—GUARANTEED.
• If you aren’t happy, you don’t pay us—GUARANTEED.

• To do the job right, we invest in the highest quality, most powerful cleaning equipment and clean with only the safest products —GUARANTEED.

I live in a high-rise apartment. Can you clean my upholstery?

Yes, we use the same all safe but powerful products but utilize slightly different cleaning equipment and technology to allow for a thor111ough and safe cleaning no matter what the location.

How does Beyond Clean Group clean upholstered furniture?

We use our powerful hot water extraction cleaning process whenever possible, because, just like on carpet, it provides the deepest cleaning of all the possible methods. Some fabrics may require a more delicate low moisture cleaning system. In this case, we will help you make a decision that best suits your needs, your furniture and your budget.

Should I get my upholstery cleaned during winter or on a rainy day?

For some companies, this might be a concern. Not for us here at Beyond Clean Group though! Not only are we one of the most experienced companies that provide upholstery cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, we have also heavily invested in some of the most powerful equipment. What this means, is that rain, hail or shine, no matter the season that we can always provide a fantastic standard of clean with a dry time that won’t inconvenience you or your family.

My lounge has fabric protection applied to it. Will cleaning remove it?

While professional cleaning may impact the protective coating (depends on what brand and who actually applied it) on your furniture, the dry soils that accumulate on it over time, along with the daily use you subject your upholstery too will be the biggest reason the protection will deteriorate in strength. To keep your valuable upholstered furniture protected from the damage that dry and liquid soils can do, we can re-apply this coating following cleaning. This is HIGHLY recommended!

How often do manufacturers recommend professional cleaning?

You should not let your upholstery get soiled to the point of a noticeable or visible change in the colour of the fabric. If it gets to this stage, it could start to damage the fibres. Manufacturers of upholstered furnishing generally recommend having furniture professionally cleaned every 12-24 months depending on use.

How do you charge for upholstery cleaning?

We charge by the seating capacity. There are other things that will vary the final pricing is the particular fabric, overall size (some seats have a chaise) overall soiling level and number of cushions. All pricing is always confirmed prior to cleaning, so you won’t have any nasty surprises! The price we quote after we have inspected is the price you pay!

Can all carpet cleaners professionally clean and restore upholstery?

Well to start with there are a lot of companies that claim they are knowledgeable about upholstery because they are also carpet cleaners. Fact is though that the carpet and upholstery have quite distinctive challenges, as upholstery is often considered a ‘delicate’ fabric and needs to be handled in a different way, with a different skill set that needs to be learnt and applied. All of our technicians are trained and certified as ‘Certified Upholstery Technicians’ to IICRC standards. This is a level of training that only a very small amount of professional cleaners ever achieve. Most carpet cleaning technicians dislike doing upholstery cleaning because it is backbreaking work being hunched over for hours at a time. Our expert team here at Beyond Clean Group LOVE the technical challenge that professional upholstery cleaning provides. Combine our decades of experience and our high level of training, and you can feel comfortable that we can take care of your upholstery cleaning needs and restore them to the highest possible standard.

Should I have fabric protection applied/reapplied after you have cleaned?

It is highly recommended. Consider it like insurance. You never want to think about it until you actually need it. If you don’t have it on your upholstery and you, one of the kids or the pets has an accident; it could be a permanent stain. However, if you have your upholstery protected and the same accident happens, it will give you the window of opportunity to clean it up before it becomes a stain. When we apply protection to your upholstered pieces, it will help your fabrics stay cleaner for longer and protect your investment, giving it a longer life span between replacements.

How long should it take to clean my lounge suite?

This is how you really tell if you have chosen a professional that knows and understands the challenges that upholstery cleaning has, and why it isn’t a cheap service to provide. Depending on how dirty it is and the type of fabric, a 3 seater lounge and 2 single recliners (5 seating capacity) should take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to do properly. To clean to the international standard and follow the correct procedure and protocols, this is simply how long it takes to clean upholstery correctly.

Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel by booking?

We understand that plans change, and if you wish to cancel prior to receiving our appointment confirmation via SMS or email you are free to do so. If however we have allocated your appointment and confirmed via SMS or email, we will charge a cancellation fee of $ 65.00. You are more than welcome to reschedule once with being charged a cancellation fee providing it is more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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